Penetrating & Releasing Oils

Nuts and bolts may refuse to come apart after prolonged service, especially if exposed to weather and other contaminants in their working environment.

To solve this problem, spray a liberal amount of penetrating oil on the threads of the fastener. Allow sufficient time to penetrate, then loosen with a spanner. This saves time and replacement costs through the non-destructive removal of the fasteners.


Did you know?

Herschell Multi Purpose Spray is not only a penetrating and releasing fluid, it actually insulates and dries out wet electrical components, instantly, and then gives ongoing protection against moisture.


Penetrating and Releasing Oils

Name: Description: Sizes:
Herschell Penetrating Fluid Eases and releases rusted components. 500ml
Herschell MP Multi Purpose Spray This light duty lubricant, penetrant and releasing fluid all-in-one also de-moisturises wet electrical equipment. It is plastic friendly and can also clean metal parts and acts as a corrosion inhibitor. 150ml
Electrogliss This non-flamable, deep penetrating, light duty lubricant and releasing fluid is used mostly in ultra-deep mines and oil refineries, where non-flamable products are stipulated. 400g
Graphited Penetrating Oil Suited for heavy duty industrial applications. 25L