Silicone Spray (SS)

  • Mould release agent for moulding of plastic, rubber, metal, diecast and composite materials.
  • Lubricates guides, slide plates and tables in the food, textile and paper industry.
  • Waterproofs textiles, canvas, wood surfaces and leather.
  • Exceptional thermal stability – -75oC to 200oC.
  • Low vapour pressure – gives long life as a very thin coating
  • Chemically stable – not attacked by sunlight, ultra violet light, rain, sleet, snow, petrol, paraffin, gases, steam or corrosive liquids such as acids
  • Non-toxic – approved for incidental food contact by the American Food and Drug Administration
  • Non-staining – textiles and paper
  • Anti-static – prevents tracking on high tension equipment and insulators
  • Lubricating – superior to mineral oil in very cold or hot conditions.
  • Promotes free sliding of plastic, metal, rubber and wood components.
  • Non-stick – anti-adhesive separating properties for food, plastic or rubber moulding, and metal die-casting


A Multitude of Uses

  • Renewing the appearance of plastic goods e.g. car dashboards, brief cases and handbags
  • Lubricating of curtain tracks. A thin layer will not stain textiles
  • Anti-static prevents static build up in paper for printers
  • Caravan tent groove lubricant
  • Lubricates wood on wood, glass on wood, plastic on glass, rubber to rubber e.g. drawers, kitchen cabinets.
  • Knitting, sewing and textile lubricant, for cutting tables, shears, sewing machine tables and ironing presses
  • Prevent ski binding freezing. Prevents car door locks freezing
  • Softens, preserves and waterproofs leather
  • Machining lubricant for all types of plastic
  • Increases working speed and prevents discolouration when welding plastic in the packaging industry for ultra-sonic welding, heat sealing
  • Lubricant for installation of 0-rings and seals
  • Prevents accumulation of wax and glues on cutting and punching knives in paper industry
  • Reduces ice build up in refrigerators and freezers Improves sealing of rubber seals around doors
  • Anti-spatter for gas shrouded welding equipment