Greases – Tubs & Tubes


Marine & Outdoor Grease (MO)

“M” is white in colour. This grease is designed to meet and exceed the extreme lubrication needs of Marine, Farming and Recreation equipment. It possesses unrivalled salt water-resistant properties making it ideal for use on deck parts and equipment. It boasts dependable service life on Jet Ski, bike, bicycle and quad bearings and wheel bearings. It is also suitable for boat and ski trailer wheel bearings subject to frequent water exposure. This grease is an excellent clean grease for house-hold appliances, power tools, tools, garden, and gym equipment.



CV Joint Grease (CV)

“CV” CConstant Velocity Joint Grease, with special non-separating formula, greatly increases CV service life and performance as it is fortified with our unique boundary lubricants.



Silicone Paste (SP)

“SP” SSilicone Paste is used for lubricating rubber to wood, metal to rubber as well as glass to rubber and plastic components. It seals electronic equipment, double-lipped seals and O-Rings and battery terminals. It is also used as a sealing paste for water taps and as a lubricant and sealer for gas cylinder valves and swimming-pool pump O-Rings. It can be effectively used as a water resistant barrier to protect exterior 220V plug points, electronic control units, and distributors on 4X4 vehicles. It is also effectively used for car window and door channelling.