Greases – Tubs & Tubes


Heavy Duty Industrial Grease (HD)

“HD” is a heavy duty Lithium soap based grease, fortified with solid lubricants for heavy load and industrial requirements. It is excellent for bearings in industry subject to extreme loads at slow speeds. It possesses great service life even at extreme temperature ranges and prevents bearings from “oil film failure” particularly in severe vibrating conditions.



Garage Door & Gate Grease (GD)

“GD” Garage Door and Gate Grease is specifically designed to suit the sliding and oscillating movements of all doors and gates at home and in Industry. Its white colour ensures far less unsightly grease marks/stains on the job or hands. This grease ensures silent and fuss-free operation on all gate and door mechanisms, including hinges, pins, gears, worm drives, rack and pinion and chain types operations. It is excellent for both manual and electronically operated instruments, particularly in the door slide ways and channels. This product boasts unrivalled long term lubrication but is not suitable for bearing applications.



General Purpose Grease

  • Reduce wear
  • Lithium based soap thickener
  • Good water resistance. Fortified with extreme pressure additives to assist in high load applications
  • Drop point 140oC. NDLI 2 grease consistency
  • Temperature service range – 30oC to 140oC.


Broad spectrum general purpose grease for Mining, Agricultural, Industrial, Automotive applications, Grease nipples