Enviroclean E5


Product Characteristics

High detergency bio-solvent and water blend for the emulsifying of bituminous lubricants
  • An unique emulsion blend of renewable high flashpoint and low VOC (volitile organic component) and water effective in cleaning and emulsifying even the most stubborn bituminous based lubricants
  • EnviroClean has proven to be the safest, greenest and most effective way of removing stubborn oxidised bituminous residue without having to resort to volitile, flammable and dangerous petroleum solvents
  • Designed to remove bituminous soils from open gear such as girth gears and traction gears, road laying equipment, crane slew-rings and wire rope, factory floors, Industrial machinery, mining machinery and marine equipment
  • Water-based formulation which is readily biodegradable to OECD 301 specifications and is non-flammable and non caustic.