P3 Safety Solvent


Product Characteristics

A non-flammable,quick drying solvent for the cleaning and degreasing of components and machinery where no residue is accepted.
  • A non-flammable colourless liquid which removes and dissolvess wax, oil and greasy residues on metallic surfaces and textiles and dries at medium speed without residue
  • The boiling point is above 120°C which makes it safer for applications where there may be a risk of fire
  • It isa good solvent for grease, oil, gums, resins and waxes
  • Applications include the effective cleaning of pin and bush on plant and machinery, anti-friction bearings, fabrics, some electrical equpment
  • Used as a dry cleaning fluid this product has a number of domestic uses including the cleaning of stubborn stains and ink stains on carpets, shirts and other clothing and textile.