EDGE Concrete Drills


Product Characteristics

  • Although, in appearance and design, the standard masonry and concrete drills are similar there are distinct differences in both the grade and angles of the carbide tip and the drill body construction.
  • Our Black/Silver combination concrete drills have a premium grade concrete carbide tip and use a higher quality brazing process to secure the tip ensuring more aggressive cutting and better resistance to heat build-up.
  • The drill body is more robust and has broader fluting facilitating rapid removal of dust from the hole and the hexagon profiled shank prevents annoying drill bit slippage when drilling tougher mortar applications.
  • We offer a “plus” shank which is a 10mm diameter shank and our drill has a distinctive double fluting for rapid removal of dust from the hole.
  • It must be noted that it is recommended for use in a rotary hammer drilling machine.
  • Applications include all masonry, natural stone, concrete slabs and lintels, marble, and granite to a lesser degree.

“Offers unrivalled cutting performance into most hard mortar applications. Its concrete grade carbide tip and hexagon shank ensure quick and fuss free penetration”

  • Premium grade concrete tungsten carbide tip and gold high temperature brazing prevents tip from melting.
  • Hexagon Shank prevents annoying chuck and bit slippage.
  • Broad fluting facilitates rapid dust removal from the hole.

Applications: Concrete, brick, plaster, paving, natural stone and granite (lesser degree)