EDGE Diamond Cutting Discs


Product Characteristics

  • Diamond Discs are fast becoming the preferred method of chasing and cutting most mortar applications.
  • As industrial diamond is considered one of the most abrasive resistant and hardest surfaces known to man it offers unrivaled cutting performance and longevity.
  • Edge cutting discs are available in 115/230 and 350mm diameters and in turbo, continuous and segmented formats for various applications.
  • The diamond is sintered onto the blade making this blade far better than the more common crimping method and thus is suited to industrial work.
  • Applications include chasing of walls, natural stone, granite, marble, concrete, and paving stones.
  • Available in 115 and 230 diameters.
  • A rigid body ensures that the disc is perfectly balanced.
  • Sintered diamond rim offers semi-industrial quality and extended service life.

Applications: Brick, paving, plaster, granite, marble, natural stone, concrete, tiles and glass.

N.B Continuous rimmed discs are advised when cutting glass and tiles.

Available in Segmented formats-Dry cutting
Turbo Formats-Wet and Dry cutting
Continuous Format-Wet Cutting