Steel Drills product



Product Characteristics

  • Applications include all mild steel applications and non-ferrous material, to a lesser degree.
  • However, this drill is more suited to tougher and tempered steels and include stainless steel, bennox, VRN 300/400, cast irons, roqu-lasts.
  • It has performed well into materials up to 40 Hrs.

Edges bright finished standard steel drill bit offers unrivalled economic cutting performance into most metals, ferrous and non-ferrous, to a lesser degree. Manufactured to the internationally recognised DIN 338 standard this bright finished drill has the following benefits:

  • Its fluting is milled and polished ensuring tighter size tolerances and significantly sharper cutting edges over that of the conventional black rolled bit.
  • The drill point is a 135-degree split point which allows this drill to tackle harder and tougher materials far easier than the conventional 118-degree point. This point grinding greatly reduces “end thrust” or drilling force, reduces drill wandering and self-centres.
  • Applications this really is the best entry-level semi-industrial drill on the market and is designed to cut most mild steel (I beam, angle iron, tubing and sheet metals) applications and to a lesser degree non-ferrous metals such as aluminium, brass and coppers.