Glass and Tile

EDGE Glass and Tile


Product Characteristics

“Ifs its tiles or glass that you need to cut then look no further, these drills really work”

Tile Drill

  • Specially shaped tungsten Carbide offers excellent resistance to abrasion and easier penetration into more fragile materials e.g. glass, tiles

Diamond Drill

  • An electroplate bonding process secures an aggressive cutting rim of a diamond that offers unrivaled performance into tiles porcelain and ceramic and glass
  • Please take particular attention to the speeds and the continued use of water with this drill, it is vitally important to the service life of this product.

Applications: Glass, tile (ceramic and porcelain), granite, marble. The continuous use of water and slow speeds is essential when using this diamond drill. Dam the water around the hole or use a syringe to squirt water into the hole continuously.

Applications include Glass, tile porcelain and ceramic, granite, and marble.