Hole Saws (Including Mandrels)

EDGE Hole Saw


Product Characteristics

  • Edge offers a comprehensive range of HSS bimetal industrial hole saws.
  • As stated earlier these are not carbon steel saws, they are premium grade bimetal saws that are designed to tackle tougher and more abrasive material.
  • A complete range of arbors/mandrels and pilot drills complete this range and ensure the most cost-effective and toughest hole saws on the market.
  • Applications include sheet metal, plastic, wood, fiber-glass, stainless steel, aluminum, and brass.

“This Bi-metal Saw offers unsurpassed quality and value, and, cost per hole drilled is unmatched”

  • Robust saw body ensures perfect hole cutting, time after time, with no saw distortion.
  • Premium grade HSS blade offers a diverse range of cutting applications and excellent service life.
  • A full range of universal arbors and pilot drills are available under the EDGE brand.

Applications: Mild Steel, Sheet Metal, Aluminum/Brass/Copper, Stainless Steel, Wood/Ceiling Boards.

Please take notice of the operational speeds on the reverse of the packaging.