Industrial Steel Drills product

EDGE Industrial HSS Steel


Product Characteristics

  • Industrial Steel Drill Bits available in our unique 2 tone format (black and bronze) this aggressive-looking steel drill is our premium HSS drill.
  • Cost per hole drilled this drill offers unrivaled cutting performance into a broad spectrum of materials.
  • The key to this drill’s quality and performance lies in the premium grade HSS, industrially preferred fully ground fluting, and unique 135-degree point grinding.
  • The supremely sharp and smooth fluting and cutting edges ensure a drill bit that exceeds most industrial drilling standards.
  • Applications include all mild steel applications and nonferrous material, to a lesser degree.
  • However, this drill is more suited to tougher and tempered steels and includes stainless steel, bennox, VRN 300/400, cast irons, roqu-lasts.
  • It has performed well into materials up to 40 Hrs.