EDGE Masonry Drills


Product Characteristics

  • Masonry drills use a very different technique of drilling than that of Steel drills.
  • Masonry drills use a crushing and abrasive action, not a cutting one to create a hole.
  • It must then be said that a good masonry drill is one that has a generous and premium grade “wedge” of tungsten carbide and uses a high-temperature brazing process to secure the tip in the body of the drills.
  • Standard fluting ensures adequate removal of dust from the hole whilst drilling.
  • We pride our masonry drill on quality and to meet this end have given it a “gold” oxide coating for identification.

Applications include all brick, cement, and plaster.

“This drill is the most affordable and reliable drill bit for those who need a long-life general purpose masonry drill”

  • Generous piece of carbide offers excellent resistance to abrasion and longevity.
  • Distinctive gold oxide coating for easy recognition.

Applications: Brick and plaster