Assembly paste SA30 ESYNTH

Assembly paste SA30 E/SYNTH


Product Characteristics

An ultra-hight load carrying paste which exceeds 1000kg 4 ball weld load testing (ASTM D-2266) used to prevent galling and pick up in press fitting and running in operations. Increases real surface area of freshly machined surfaces and plain bearings from 10% to over 70%.A first aid for gears and open gears that are pitting and spalling.
  • A synergistic combination of solid lubricants in paste form for assembly all types of metal components particularly those being press-fitted
  • A “running in lubricant” for newly machined parts, plain bearings, slide ways and guides, spline shafts and gear faces
  • An anti seize for threads of fasteners of all metals and especially useful to prevent seizure of stainless steel nuts and bolts
  • Ideal to prevent journal or shaft galling when press fitting bearings or rail wheels in the rail industry
  • Enormously high weld loads associated with over 60% solid lubricant content