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Crusher and Vibration Screen

Crusher and Vibration Screen Bearing Grease (HDX 2)


Product Characteristics

A high temperature and high load appplication bearing grease fortified with Mos2 to protect equipment and plant bubject to slow to medium speeds but high shock loading.
  • A general purpose, blue-black no2 consistency lithium complex soap thickened product with a ISO 460 mineral base oil for heavy loaded mining and industrial plant and machinery
  • High load-carrying capacity in shock load conditions which has been tested passed over 400kg 4 ball weld loads with enviable 0.5mm wear scar
  • Owing to the presence of extreme pressure additives, and solid lubricants it improves wear protection under severe loads
  • THe synthetic base oil component ensures good
  • Very good corrosion protection, water resistence and pumpability in central lubrication systems
  • A must for all pins and bushes, bearings and open gear (slew rings) applications as found in heavily loaded off-highway yellow metal and mining
  • Industrial plant

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