Fast Dry Film


Product Characteristics

A dry bonded solid based lubricant for areas where dust is an issue
  • Fast dry film lubricant is an excellent molybdenum disulphide based, extreme pressure lubricant that is suspended in a fast drying, quick curing heat resistant resin
  • This highly effective and versatile dry bounadary lubricant spray offers the effective lubrication of gears, spline shafts, cams, pivoy pins and screw jacks which, due to extreme temperatures and
  • or dusty environmental conditions, could otherwise not be lubricated by conventional oils or greases
  • High load carrying capacity film which requires little or no surface treatment prior to application, other than being cleaned, dry and oil free
  • A great anti-seize coating for the threads of stainless steel fasteners to prevent seizure due to fretting corrosion.