Machining Fluid (Non Stain)

Machining Fluid (Non Stain)


Product Characteristics

Neat cutting fluid for general purpose non-ferrous machining operations
  • Machiing fluid spray is a heavy duty, general purpose, neat, dark and active cutting oil for non-ferrous machining applications
  • This product chemistry ensures excellent performance on brass, coppers and aluminium material without any staining that would ordinarily be brought on by active ingredients in other neat cutting oils
  • This cutting fluid assists the cutting operation by forming a chemical reaction at the tooltip that greatly assists in extending tool life and decreasing operation temperatures
  • Aerosol application ensures a mess and waste free applicator and the gas component adds to the cooling effect of tool contact or cutting points
  • Machining applications include drilling, boring, turning, reaming, milling, tapping, threading, parting, broaching and hacksawing
  • A must for applications where soluble oils cannot be used such as home
  • DIY jobs and when carrying out repairs on site.

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