Magnetic Ink Black


Product Characteristics

Non destructive weld crack and flaw detector system
  • A high sensitivity, ultra-fine, black magnetic particulate that is suspended in a low viscosity HF mineral oil, medium volatility petroleum solvent and preferential wetting agents.
  • Sprayed onto ferromagnetic and electrically conductive surfaces, welds, or other ferrous materials Herschell Black Magnetic Ink spray (MPI) reveals weld or surface and shallow sub surface flaws and defects and compliments other non-destructive testing (Dye) products in the Herschell range.
  • Excellent penetration due to the inclusion of preferential wetting agents.
  • High contrast and clear definition.
  • Halogen and chlorine free formulation.
  • Herschell White contrast paint available for applications where work surfaces are darker in colour.
  • This magnetic particulate in a thin, free moving oil
  • solvent fluid is highly sensitive to electro-magnetisim and aligns itself along magnetic flux lines
  • High contrast visibility, particualrly against a white background or contrast paint, is seen by the agglomeration or sudden change of direction of magnetic particle deposits caused by flux leakage
  • contrast and clear definition
  • Areas of flux leakage or deposits are often as a result of surface and light sub-surface flaws.